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Our team is dedicated to change the way people of Montana are treated when buying a car. We are not product pushers. Our team of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, children and grandchildren have dedicated our careers to solving your transportation needs.


It is no secret that car dealers have a reputation for shady deals, dishonest stunts, dirty tricks, and other undesirable actions you should never have to deal with. If a dealer quotes a price that seems too good to be true, then it most likely is …too good to be true. The dealer will make it up behind the scenes by tacking on additional fees that may be hard to find. Not all dealers are guilty of these offenses but unfortunately a few bad apples have spoiled the business for those of us who pride ourselves on honesty and integrity.


Our team is focused on solving the problems that stand between you and the car you have been dreaming of. Ultimately, something is keeping you from the car you want and deserve. Otherwise you would already be driving it. We understand this and we are focused on how we can remove these roadblocks for you. We are passionate about helping with whatever is standing in your way.


Are you worried about your credit? Our team understands and will work hard to get you approved. Our team utilizes our strong relationships with financing institutions to tell them the story behind your score and help get you approved.


Are you worried about trading in your old vehicle? Our team is completely upfront about the trade-in process and wants to get you the most for your used vehicle.


Are you worried about your down payment? Our team provides options  where you can start driving the car of your dreams with little money down.


Are you worried about your monthly payments or your payments will go up if you drive home the car of your dreams? Our team will look for all options to help provide a payment you can afford.


We believe everyone deserves the car of their dreams, we are dedicated to solving the problems that are standing in your way. We got more insight more options and more respect for the people we serve.


Northern Chrysler

23 W Railroad
Customer Wall Of Fame And Directions Cut Bank, MT 59427

  • Sales: (406) 616-3805
  • Service: (877) 583 - 4026
  • Parts: (877) 583 - 4026


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  • Sunday Closed

Customer Wall Of Fame And Directions

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